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Are you always offered installment loans on lousy terms? This may be because credit agencies have stored and passed on incorrect or outdated data about your payment behavior. The credit bureaus are called Bürgel, Creditreform or Info score. The most important is the Schufa, at least you should make sure that everything is correct.

Step 1: Order data overview

Step 1: Order data overview

Credit agencies must provide information about stored data free of charge once a year. You can find out what is saved by ordering a “Data overview according to $ 34 BDSG”. Important: Do not request a “credit report” that comes first on the private lender’s website. It costs 29.95 euros and does not contain any more data. You can find the data overview form on the private lender’s page.

Send the order form with a copy of your ID to private lenders Holding AG, PO Box 10 25 66, 44725 Bochum. Pay attention: Ignore the “Alternative: Order credit report” box on the order form below and do not enter the bank details on the second page.

Step 2: check information


The information comes in the post. Check that it is correct and that no important data is missing, for example, information on recently paid loans. Are there any unjustified claims against you? You don’t have to tolerate that. Exception: An unjustified claim was legally established because you did not object to judicial decisions. Or:

You have been reminded twice, the requester has given you four weeks between the first reminder and lender notification and you have never objected to the request. Then the Schufa entry is legal, even if you don’t owe anyone money.

Step 3: complain properly

Step 3: complain properly

Complain to the private lenders if something is wrong. Enclose copies of documents that prove errors in the private lender’s data. Controversial data must be blocked by private lenders until clarification. If that doesn’t help, you can contact Complain to the private lender’s ombudsman. Finally, you can also contact your state’s data protection officer.

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